GR Facts

Grand Rapids, Michigan

As the second largest city in the state of Michigan, Grand Rapids is one of the fastest growing metros in the country. Combining the comforts of a friendly, small-town atmosphere and the bustling vibrancy of big city life, more and more families are calling it home as it was named one of the “Best Places to Raise a Family” by Forbes Magazine in 2015.

Nestled between major cities like Chicago, Detroit, and Cleveland, Grand Rapids is often considered a “hidden gem” of the Midwest by residents and those who grew up in West Michigan. Highlighted for its healthy job market, affordable housing, excellent school systems, and abundance of outdoor recreational activities year-round, Grand Rapids was ranked #13 as one of the “Best Places to Live,” and #6 as one of the “Best Places to Retire” in the U.S. in 2019 by US News

Situated on the banks of the Grand River, the city has a reinvigorated downtown area and a thriving arts and cultural community known for being safe and clean, and its walkability. With its new “medical mile” and burgeoning health research industry, the city is the focal point of many commuters who live in nearby towns, lakeside communities, and idyllic hideaways throughout the area’s abundant farms, forests and lakes. The Greater Grand Rapids area is home to vibrant and charming communities nestled in the area’s scenic vistas, including popular Lake Michigan beaches and beach towns, where residents can enjoy all the four seasons, with accessibility to diverse landscapes and recreational activities.